Open Box FAQ

Here you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Open Box from Try A Million. If we haven’t answered a question you want to know the answer to, please fill in the form below and we will look to adding it here.

Who can add a Blockchain project to be Open Box enabled?

Everyone can. While traditional businesses were closed box, Blockchain companies and projects fit well with the findings we made in LBTC about Open Box. As everyone now has an interest in projects from holders of a coin to investors to VC’s, to devs, Open Box is a need and so if you want a project to succeed you can donate to the Open Box marketing budget.

Who can donate to an Open Box enabled Blockchain project?

Everyone can, whether you are a dev, organization, investor, VC or even end user who wants the Blockchain project to succeed!

Countries, states organizations and people who under sanctions or embargo’s who are not allowed to participate here, must NOT participate. Try A Million reserves the right to transfer such funds to the authorities if notified of such situations.

Is Try A Million connected with any Blockchain projects?

Try A Million’s Open Box is a 3rd party service. We offer traditional partnerships where we approach or organizations approach us and we perform marketing privately for them as well as now Open Box. We are not connected with individual Blockchain projects, though TAM or staff may have an interest in those projects. Generally our own projects will show Try A Million as the copyright holder at the bottom of the website.

How do I donate to a Blockchain project?

You can donate toward an Open Box marketing budget by finding the Blockchain project page through the Open Box website and looking for the donation addresses for the blockchain project.

If you can’t find the Blockchain project on the Open Box site, please go to Add Listing at the top of the website and add details about the project. More interest, the more likely we are to Open Box enable projects.

What is the minimum and maximum I can donate toward a Blockchain's Open Box marketing budget?

You are free to donate as little or as much as you want, one off or regularly. Whether a $5 budget or $1 billion dollar yearly budget, TAM’s creative marketing services can translate that into more noise and user base for Blockchain projects.

Note: Dust payments, i.e. those that would cost more to send than was donated will be considered donations to Open Box. If a project gets too many dust payments, TAM may remove that blockchain project from the Open Box site.

When and how is marketing budget used?

TAM will look at amount of donations and frequency and allot a budget in line with what we see toward what we can see happening with a Blockchain project. Each blockchain project with an Open Box marketing budget will have two sets of addresses:

  1. Donation Addresses (DA’s) (where users can donate to specific projects)
  2. Open Box Allocated Funds (OBAF’s) (funds allocated to marketing)

As funds enter Donation Addresses, TAM begins allocating teams to monitor projects as well as current noise online for the Blockchain project and sees where it can provide more effective results for the project at whatever stage it is. At this stage once we have decided on the best course of action, a portion of funds for that work is sent to our Open Box Allocated Funds for performing the marketing.

From first donations, TAM can begin projects generally within 1-2 weeks.

Refund Policy

At TAM’s sole discretion, if we can’t work with a marketing budget or perform our work, donated funds in the Donated Addresses are returned back to sent from addresses minus transaction fees and a 1% to 5% return fee. Please make sure to only send from wallets you control.

There is no exits at TAM. All funds sent will either produce work or be returned.

Once TAM has allocated funds toward marketing and those funds are moved over to Open Box Allocated Funds (OBAF’s) there is no refunds!

Note: If you have made a donation to a an Open Box marketing budget for a project you send it for us to use for marketing the Blockchain project without any possibility of refunds. TAM will only refund a donation is we can’t produce a reasonable marketing solution within a reasonable time.

Note: If anyone donates such a small amount that we can’t realistically refund that donation to a Blockchain projects Open Box marketing, this will be considered a donation.

Note: If a blockchain project is removed from Open Box and does not show anymore on site, don’t send to old addresses until confirm they are still available and current addresses to donate to. Though we aim to keep addresses for projects same over the long term – if a project is removed, we may consider donations to old addresses as a donation to the Open Box project. Such donations to non existent pages will be deemed donations.

How will I know what TAM has performed with a marketing budget?

Full details will show on the Blockchain projects Open Box marketing page with all work performed and level of data we can access. Same as closed box marketing as has always been the traditional way to work with clients, TAM provides same to you, the only difference is that this information is public facing rather than private facing so doesn’t allow access to a dedicated TAMCA (Try A Million Client Account).

What is better - an Open Box marketing budget or Closed Box marketing budget?

Closed Box is the traditional way of working, clients approach us or we approach them, formulate a marketing and or content production solution and go from there. We perform our work, and client gets work done and the public don’t generally know we are behind the scenes doing a lot of this work.

Open Box enables a perfect solution for Blockchain organizations and projects as enables the open nature of blockchains that brings about several classes from devs to dev organization to investors, VC’s and end users who all may also want to help in shaping the future usage of a Blockchain project – bringing it to more peoples awareness.

Which is best? We believe they are both important. Blockchain organizations can have both! Open Box is more transparent, while closed box is the traditional way of working. If you want a Closed Box or traditional way of working, then you can contact us at

Also if you are not a Blockchain centric organization, it is unlikely that Open Box will benefit you, and so would recommend contacting us at for a closed box package. TAM Labs may at some point recommend a course of action on blockchaining your organization!

Can I decide how TAM will utilize my donation?

Open Box follows the same principle found in the wider Blockchain community, individuals choose what they will focus on. TAM also follows this trend in that we choose marketing direction based on what we can see happening within a Blockchain project and what we feel the project needs. If we see that one of our partnering marketing agencies has the skills to make it happen, then we include them to perform the work.

This shows the true beauty of Open Box vs Closed Box and keeps them defined. In an Closed Box package, the client can more define what they want. You can get a closed box package by contacting us at

Note: You can also leave a comment and we may perform work in that direction more so that we can also best serve Blockchain projects for example, if you are the Blockchain organization for the project and want to have a transparent solution such as Open Box while also getting content on your website done. But keep the Open Box and Closed Box nature of packages in mind and how they each shine in their own right. You can always have both and you are free to continue contributing to an Open Box marketing budget and Closed Box marketing budget or change to one or the other as you see fit.

I am a marketing agency, Internet Marketer, SEO company, can I participate?

Yes you can! TAM’s discoveries in Dual Use TM at LBTC enables us a unique discovery that not only TAM can provide its services to you for your clients needs such as mass content production and IM essentials, but also Open Box needs good core global skill bases. It is through this that we can bring the best global talent to projects. Contact us at

Our dynamic Cloud Based organization can work with you whether you are a one man team or have many team members.

What can I expect?

Marketing is performed by large and small organizations and hardly performed by failing organizations. Larger organizations tend to market more and so have more results. Looking at these large organizations, they turn over multiple billions of dollars.

Look at organizations such as Google part of Alphabet inc and Dominos Pizza and you see in both aspects they are both heavily invested into marketing their businesses. They can’t go a day without it, and it shows, from flyers through the door to radio advertisements to giveaways, prizes, incentives and plain old making roads leading to their phone lines, stores and delivering products and a billion dollar business, marketing budgets is as large as organizations.

Making a blockchain project a success or any organization for that matter is largely a matter of a well established marketing budget. We know this as true. TAM does things in a big way, but lack of budget holds us back, as our funds grow, so does our ability to get our voice out there. So, any projects success is mainly being heard by the masses.

A budget of a few dollars may only be able to make a few blog comments and so the noise is small. Now consider a larger budget like Amazon’s or Apple’s and you suddenly see that much more is enabled.

A smaller budget may need keeping attention on the Open Box page for updates but a large budget is soon known even going as far as appearing on Times Square in New York.

How far our abilities extend is largely a matter of budget and efficiency. With Open Box, Closed Box and many options out there, it is only a matter of seeing our work and from there can decide which way to focus to make the blockchain project a success. As an end user this was not possible before. You may have decided to say something on social media or write something, but nothing compares with a global directed force trained at promoting organizations with enough partnerships to make a combined marketing force that brings Blockchain projects to the masses.

I am the dev, how can I claim the Open Box coin?

The Open Box coin is still in development but this does not stop you from accruing a balance! Once we can determine devs and or the Blockchain organizations rightful team, we will issue them the coin at 1 coin per dollar sent to the Blockchain projects Open Box marketing budget that is utilized for any accrued amounts. Details will show on the blockchain projects Open Box page. Where there is only devs and not an organization, TAM will try to distribute to each dev, but may choose to limit to sending to a project lead who then decides which devs get issued the Open Box coin.

Once the Open Box coin is live, then Open Box coins will be issued whenever donations are transferred from Donation Addresses to Open Box Marketing Allocated Funds.

Open Box coin is a great way to also see how much Open Box marketing budget a Blockchain project has got over time!

How do I increase Open Box marketing budgets for a project I like?

Stay tuned to the Open Box website where there will be helpful hints and tips on getting more people to fund an Open Box marketing budget.

Can I include Open Box as one of our partners?

If you are starting an ICO or Blockchain project or already have one running, you are free to include us as your marketing team. After all we are!

Whether you have a fully running project or just starting, you free to include us as your marketing arm. Simply add listing with details and we will contact you for further details.

You can right click and download the Open Box enabled logo to include in your whitepaper and website. If you don’t have a website, etc, then include details in your Blockchain project listing submission and we will speak to you further.

Note: If including us within website or whitepaper, you must notify users within your terms and conditions that TAM and Open Box is a 3rd party service and we can not be held liable for any losses for anything regarding your Blockchain project or the marketing function we perform.

Note: Once you have an Open Box marketing project page, we recommend adding a link to Open Box page for your Blockchain project to attract more donations toward a Open Box marketing budget.

What about competitive advantage

Some people would like to see bitcoin to be the only crypto around the world. Scalability is always an issue and so the future is likely going to have multiple blockchain companies succeeding possibly even more so than what bitcoin is today.

The best way to keep a competitive advantage is with a Closed Box marketing budget which you can get by contacting us at

An Open Box marketing budget may still help! By allowing users and other 3rd parties to have this open route to promoting your blockchain project, the more it has a chance to grow.

If you find that your project is too much inline with competitive advantage, it is likely that your project falls outside of the scope of benefiting from a Open Box marketing budget and in that case recommend contacting us at for a Closed Box marketing package.

Can I get a receipt for accounting purposes with Open Box?

Yes! Simply contact us at with your payment address before sending funds. Once marketing is completed we can issue you an invoice.

Do I have to pay VAT on top? No. All paid sums will be all inclusive. Note: Moonhead Online Media is currently bellow the threshold of VAT so there is no added VAT as we can not collect it. Once we approach or pass threshold, we will issue invoices including VAT.

Can I opt my Blockchain project in or out of Open Box?

A blockchain project should be outside of such control. If this is the case, a Closed Box package from Try A Million may suit better. You can get a traditional style marketing solution by contacting us at

If you have Blockchain project and want to opt out, you can choose to opt out and we can remove donation addresses. Keep in mind that your Open Box page and any work performed and stats will remain as well as notification that Blockchain organization requested removal of project from being Open Box enabled.

There is almost no reason why anyone would want to opt their project out of being Open Box enabled as opens a greater route at making your Blockchain project succeed, however we understand that some Blockchain projects may want a purely Closed Box solution.

Opting into having an Open Box marketing budget at TAM is up to TAM’s discretion. More interest a project has, the more likely we are to include it as an Open Box enabled Blockchain project.

Note: We will need to verify ownership of project owners requesting opting out before closing Open Box for a specific project.

Open Box Rights

Can I use Open Box with my own method? Open Box is a Trade Mark of Try A Million, however we do have some open usage for other boxes. For example, Open Source is well known. TAM brings Open Box for marketing, however outside of marketing and any of the services TAM is currently engaged in, you are free to have other boxes such as Management Box, Customer Services Box, etc.

What is a seed?

Sometimes TAM may decide to provide a seed start to a blockchains Open Box marketing by using its own resources to kickstart the Open Box project. This can include creating the Open Box page for a project and other tasks. Seed marketing is only temporary and all blockchain projects with an Open Box marketing enabled solution must get funds for the project for marketing and Open Box for that blockchain project to continue with Open Box marketing.

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