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Marketing is the lifeblood of business

A business or project can be likened to opening a shop in the desert. Even with 7.5 billion people, if they don't know about you, they won't use you!
Open Box marketing by Try A Million


☑ Blockchain devs

☑ Blockchain companies

☑ Investors

☑ VC’s

☑ End Users

Open Box marketing by Try A Million
Open Box by Try A Million is designed for the open ended nature of blockchain companies. No longer are they closed box only a concern by shareholders or promoted by only the organization. Blockchain companies could be just a group of devs and its user base. Often these Blockchain projects don't have a proper structure for marketing to take place. Open Box enables scattered or organized blockchain development to have a growing voice from an organization that has both experience working with companies as well as the marketing agencies that enable commerce to happen online. It enables a double edge marketing approach to make a project succeed globally.
Try A Million

Try A Million started as I.C.A.S. in 2011 trying to develop a new tech system, becoming Try A Million LTD – one of the first totally Cloud Based Organizations in 2012 with a £30,000,000.00 share/stock capital. Founded by the Life Coach – Kozan Huseyin in the United Kingdom, Try A Million follows Kozan Huseyin’s aim of building a £100M per year organization while bringing life coaching to a practical rather than informational medium.

TAM was born after a fellow marketer after seeing results suggested helping promote the many others who don’t know how to make money online. In 2012 Try A Million hired its first writer and trained him up to Article Master TM rank, producing an internal grading system for writers, and then went on to hire many globally skill based contractors. Try A Million has since predominantly worked with marketing agencies as our abilities of industrial content production abilities have proved.

Since inception, Try A Million Labs has been a Research and Development centric organization developing projects such as The London Bitcoin Bank project that aims to find future Financial Unplugging TM models for humanity that has had more than 400 participants since 2013, software such as IM Pro Dashboard, Level Master (still in the TAM Labs) and Bliss++ Timer software that enables us to plan small and big projects with agile, GID methods. Social Army, our social media arm enabling mass noise online. Today, Try A Million is a Moonhead Online Media brand, bringing both marketing ability as well as mass content production. With our own partnerships and resources as well as client base encompassing marketing agencies, Open Box is a solution that we are best at bringing to the forefront – enabling Blockchain devs and companies, as well as VC’s, investors, users and fans to all have a route to help promote a blockchain project they want more people to know about and use.

Try A Million

☑ Try A Million Open Box Can Do:

☑ Article & Content Production & Marketing

☑ Guest Blogging

☑ Public Relations

☑ Traditional and Online Advertising

☑ Outreach

☑ Video Marketing

☑ System development (pools, nodes, etc)

☑ App Design & Programming Web & Software

☑ Web Design

☑ Viral Marketing (images, infographics and more!)

☑ Search Engine Optimization

☑ Social Media Marketing


Open Box becomes an extended marketing function. TAM brings both its own core skills but also marketing agency clients to meet the budget aim of projects. Small or large, Open Box enables an extra route for growth that no long just considers the organization but everyone who wants the project to succeed!

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