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Open Box from Try A Million is an open ended marketing solution. Now everyone can decide on what blockchain projects will succeed. Whether developers, users or investors, everyone can decide to help make blockchain projects go mainstream through a professional marketing organization that connects multiple marketing agencies.
Search blockchain projects already added to Open Box and help fund a marketing budget!

Everyone can make blockchain projects a success!

Devs, blockchain organizations, VC's & investors, and users can all help to make projects succeed through Open Box marketing by Try A Million. Everyone is allowed to support the projects they love. Whether a small or large Open Box budget, Try A Million can provide extra noise to projects to mainstream users. With Try A Million's marketing and blockchain experience as well as experience providing marketing services to Digital Marketing agencies, Open Box enables a broad skill base internally and externally to make blockchain projects reach the masses, whatever you can donate to Open Box marketing budgets for projects. And now projects are no longer limited in scope of growing their projects.

Open Box Coin

When Open Box Coin is released, for every $1 raised project developers get 1 Open Box Coin. This enables project developers and blockchain companies to have further future incentives. What is more, TAM coin will provide a mining interest for running the wallet and securing the chain which can be done without much resource intensiveness on any Windows based computer. The best part is that Open Box coin is counted today and when released will issue coin to coin devs! TBC

Open Box DAO

The future of Open Box from Try A Million is a DAO. The DAO will enable connecting to the DAO to provide marketing services or invest in project Open Box marketing budgets. TBC

Check out Open Box enabled Blockchain projects to donate a marketing budget to:
About Open Box

Open Box a creation from the Try A Million Labs, enables an open ended marketing budget for Blockchain projects. Now marketing is not limited only to what a developer can perform. What Open Box enables is developers, and now investors and users of blockchain projects to have a route to see the blockchain project they love to succeed. Simply find your Blockchain project you like and donate to the marketing budget and Try A Million, a professional organization with blockchain experience and marketing experience to not only normal companies, but also to digital marketing companies, can bring a scale-able marketing solution to every project.

What can we do:

  • ☑ Produce articles, how to’s, guides, whitepapers, reviews, and more
  • ☑ Public Relation releases
  • ☑ Outreach
  • ☑ Social Media Marketing
  • ☑ Advertising traditional and digital
  • ☑ Search Engine Optimization
  • ☑ Video Marketing
  • ☑ System design (inherent in our nature, we are always developing enhanced solutions)
  • ☑ Web Design and programming, software design
  • ☑ App design
  • ☑ Consultation
  • ☑ Nodes, pools, block explorers and other “noise” systems

Add your blockchain project!

Everyone (devs, VC’s, investors, users) is free to add a blockchain project they love to be Open Box enabled as we work externally to any blockchain project. Blockchain projects can choose to have Closed Box or traditional packages at Try A Million and they also can have Open Box packages to let everyone who wants a blockchain project to succeed more, to have a route to do that. If you can’t find the Blockchain project you love, simply request for us to add it. More interest in a project, the more likely we are to make an Open Box marketing project for the blockchain project.

Note: Open Box is limited to blockchain and crypto organizations only. If you want traditional marketing packages (Closed Box) then contact us at www.TryAMillion.com

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"Open Box from Try A Million enables everyone to decide how mainstream any project will go. No longer is it just relying on developers, now everyone can choose to make a Blockchain project go more mainstream."
Kozan Huseyin
"The more articles, the more writing we can get on this, etc... the better."
azurikai - Buzzcoin dev team
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